Ponies and Pizza

I’ve heard people talk about Dads being at a complete loss when at the birth of a first child. My husband was a bit like that. He had a couple of sentences to say to our firstborn son and the funny thing is that he got a smile almost every time.

By the time we had our second, a little girl, he had gotten a bit better. So he would sing her this song,

Ponies and pizza,

ponies and pizza,

My ponies love pizza,

salami and baloni,

I love my ponies!

At some point I had “Mad Cow disease” go through my mind, but the jingle, jingled and hubs pictured our daughter as a super inquisitive little girl with wild imagination and therefore, a closet that was home to a hundred ponies.

Funny thing is, she turned out just like that.

The song inspired me to start this blog and fill it with stories that I write and children’s books that I hope to publish someday soon insha Allah.

My children give me new ideas every day, many turn into stories and poems and others get lost in our every day lives. For now its just me telling their tales and getting them to love sitting down with milk and cookies for story time. I hope someday they’ll have their own writing to share too.


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